Our consulting team includes a diverse group of experts with experience ranging from catalyzing a peacebuilding movement as a child in war affected Kosovo, to practitioners and academics with PhDs in child and youth peacebuilding, and a Lost Boy of South Sudan who is now a PhD candidate and influential peacebuilder. Our advisory team offers strategic input to help increase our impact. Consider hiring us to complete your next child or youth peacebuilding related project or donate now to help equip more young peace agents.

Also, we are always seeking new talent. Join the team!

"We are devoted to helping more young people become more effective peacebuilders."

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<a href=Dr. Michael McGill">

Dr. Michael McGill

<a href=Denis Brown">

Denis Brown

Deputy Director
<a href=Laura A. Ewing">

Laura A. Ewing

Programs Director
<a href=Golam Rabbani Nayan">

Golam Rabbani Nayan

South Asia Regional Manager
<a href=Theo Roberts">

Theo Roberts

Young Peacebuilders Coordinator
<a href=Ali Abouba, MA">

Ali Abouba, MA

Project Manager
<a href=Karin Attia, MS">

Karin Attia, MS

Communications Manager
<a href=Okello Ambrose Felix">

Okello Ambrose Felix

Word Press Developer
<a href=Laura Kirunda">

Laura Kirunda

Human Resources Associate
<a href=Hailee Meacham">

Hailee Meacham

Communications Manager
<a href=Abutu Paul Owoicho">

Abutu Paul Owoicho

Video Developer
<a href=Federica Sustersic, MA">

Federica Sustersic, MA

Project Manager
<a href=Rashmi Thapa">

Rashmi Thapa

Development Manager
<a href=Ron Wilson">

Ron Wilson

Human Resources Associate
<a href=Stephanie Scott">

Stephanie Scott

Communications Manager
<a href=Sara Saghar Birjandian">

Sara Saghar Birjandian

Consultant & Advisor
<a href=Fatmire Feka">

Fatmire Feka

Consultant & Advisor
<a href=Dr. Issam Smeir">

Dr. Issam Smeir

Consultant & Advisor
<a href=Dr. Mark Hamilton">

Dr. Mark Hamilton

Consultant & Advisor
<a href=Luz Alcira Granada Contreras">

Luz Alcira Granada Contreras

Consultant & Advisor
<a href=Jacob Atem">

Jacob Atem

Consultant & Advisor
<a href=Pauline Zerla">

Pauline Zerla

Consultant & Advisor
<a href=Jeffrey S. DeHaven">

Jeffrey S. DeHaven

<a href=Dave Olson">

Dave Olson