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Hire Young Peacebuilders for projects large and small.

We not only develop our own projects, our Consulting Team develops effective child and youth peacebuilding focused partnerships, research, projects, and products for others too. For example, check out this multi-country participatory Evaluation of Child and Youth Participation in Peacebuilding that we conducted for the Global Partnership for Children and Youth in Peacebuilding.

Our team includes a diverse group of experts with experience ranging from catalyzing a peacebuilding movement as a child in a war affected nation, to practitioners and academics with PhDs in child and youth peacebuilding, and a Lost Boy of South Sudan who is now a PhD candidate and influential peacebuilder. And we are always adding new experts to the team.

We can help you develop a child or youth peacebuilding related idea, execute your already well developed plan, improve or expand an existing program, or identify a new solution. We can also work with partners to develop a holistic cross-sector strategy for effectively engaging large numbers of young people as peace actors in a conflicted context.

Contact us to explore how to make your idea a child or youth peacebuilding success story.

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